Fashioned in Southern Calofirnia, Stitch Note intorduces a clean, laid-back, contemporary menswear brand. In 2015 we started a mission to create apparel for men who want to look good without too much effort. Born of a love of fashion by three friends who have been in the clothing industry for over 30 years, they always deliver a genuine and versatile men's apparel experience.

Lifestyle clothing 

Consumers use brands to express theri identity, we use our clothing to highlight our customers lifestyle. We want every person to wear comfortable fashionable clothing wether it be for work or play. Let your style speack for you without you having to speak.

Our inspiration 

Our timeless style inspiration is evident.Inspired by the desire to make wearable yet understated designs in fluid fabrics. 

Our use of high end, natural fabrics in linen, organic cotton, hemp, merino wool amongst others allows you to move freely and comfortably from the moment you put on a piece of clothing from Stitch Note.

The importance of using the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail is the core of our philosophy.